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Physical Examination

Every 4T client receives an initial diagnostic assessment in which a trainer examines your physique via photos and inquires about your current nutrition, preferred foods, and other lifestyle factors. The same process occurs for your training and physical activity. Your trainer will inquire about your fitness patterns, preferences, and current goals.

Customized Nutrition

Based on your assessment, your trainer is able to create a customized nutrition schedule that gives you a meal-by-meal plan OR menu to ensure your goals are met while eating all your favorite foods! Don’t worry about counting calories or manipulating menus. This plan can be as specific or general as you’d like depending on your lifestyle!

Customized Fitness

You will receive a customized fitness plan based on your physique and goals. The plan will complement your individual nutrition profile and fit your daily schedule. We believe in efficient exercise that achieves your goals—no more and no less.

Health Education

Using evidence-based approaches, we educate clients on healthy nutrition habits, ways to maintain proper hormone concentrations, and how to work around a busy schedule. We are educated on the impact of blood levels including but not limited to cholesterol, triglycerides, sex hormones, insulin, and glucose. Getting healthy and fit can seem daunting but 4T offers customized no-nonsense solutions to help you jumpstart your new life.

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